I am in no matter what you name the newsletter, although words do matter. I am in gratitude for your offerings and intend to flow money with my writing, so I appreciate everything you bring forth to assist with this. Untethered Leader sounds good to me as I am now showing up as a leader in embodying how creative expression flows Life Force Energy and sparks the sourcing of solutions for any big and pressing issues present right now.

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name certainly doesn't change in or out for me. However, similar to Deb below - Untethered Leader doesn't really resonate. Sounds like a business-corporate name to my ears. And there is so much Bullshit out there on 'leaders' and 'leadership'. And- I don't think that's your intention Alex.

yet, if one is to 'oppose'... then propose.

I wonder about Untethered Digital Builder. Or Untethered Digital Leader, if you're really keen on 'leader'.

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Untethered Leader doesn't resonate with me for writing, coaching, teaching but perhaps Untethered Literacy does. Or just Untethered. Or Literacy Untethered. Or something cheekier with Untethered. But Leader doesn't strike me as literary, in any literal sense, especially I today's world of such convoluted leadership. Wouldn't want to mislead anybody heh heh

I already love the emails, and finally subscribed so I'm a fan already and assuming I will love the further opportunities within the "paid membership" so thanks, Alex ;)

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