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Welcome to Mastery Den - your guide to building a growing newsletter of subscribers who love your stuff.

It sucks to see others making good money online with their skills, while you continue to stress and worry.

I know the pain, because I struggled to make any consistent money with stuff I truly enjoyed working on for many years.

I was shy and hated speaking to people for decades, but this meant I was limited.

Everything changed when I was forced to find money quickly in my late twenties, owing to a tax bill that hit me while living in Vietnam.

I swallowed my pride, turned to one-to-one coaching, made $650 from my first client, and never looked back.

But it all this started with writing, and writing consistently.

At Mastery Den, I aim to help more people use powerful writing and content-creation to build their brand and make money as a coach, writer and/or teacher.

This is one of the most fulfilling business types out there.

And it allows you to work and live anywhere in the world, as I have done for the past 14 years.

You can work one-to-one, with groups and leading larger cohorts. You can also leverage your expertise further by selling courses.

I aim to help with all of these.

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A big aspect of what we do here is helping you build the foundational piece in growing your newsletter: your personal brand.

Check this out from a study done by Razorfish and Vice Media Group:

‘20% of buying decisions are based on the product, but 80% of the buying decision is based on who you are.’

You can see how vital it is that you share more about who you are and what you stand for.

When more people are aware of this, you will have people approaching you for your support. This now happens for me, and I have choice with regards to who I can help.

Sharing my story and message online has helped me attract my ideal people and build a newsletter that makes me money remotely.

I’ve gathered hundreds of millions of views, built a readership of over 160,000 people in a few years as an independent writer and entrepreneur.

It’s supported me over the last 15 years, living in countries like Thailand, Georgia, Japan, Poland and Vietnam, thanks to the freedom this provides.

At Mastery Den, we’re not about building an empty audience. We’re about building a community of loyal subscribers who want to work with you and buy what you create.

They buy because you’re authentic, have authority, and express your purpose.

I used to be anxious, quiet and scared to put my ideas out there.

I struggled with confidence well into my twenties and still don’t always feel confident.

Since then, I’ve dug deep into who I am, what I stand for and what I enjoy helping people with.

I realised my inner dragon (confident self) through writing, coaching, leading people, and being willing to be myself.

Ultimately, I found my purpose.

I built an online presence that helped me grow a design business from scratch in my twenties and then a coaching practice for many years.

I’ve worked with clients like the BBC, Google, Wired Magazine and Mars.

I’ve also coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, creatives and corporate managers.

Now I help tens of thousands find their confident selves and build a purpose-fuelled online business.

I share several newsletters per week here.

At Mastery Den, I help you with three things:

1. Purpose and positioning

Understand what makes you unique and energised, so you develop a clear, confident identity that increases your perceived value to your ideal people.

This is about emphasising what makes you YOU, having a clear mission and message, identifying products and programs you can sell, and showing up in a way that feels true to you.

2. Writing and content creation

We talk about how to communicate effectively and consistently so you attract your ideal subscribers and grow a strong, memorable personal brand.

3. Growing and monetise your newsletter

We talk about how to develop a simple system that distributes your ideas and puts you, your ideas and your products in front of your ideal people.

This is how to bring new, raving followers, subscribers, clients and customers to your coaching and products daily.

We also discuss ways you can make money with your newsletter.

I help you grow your inner circle, your audience on social media platforms and - ultimately - add more daily subscribers to your newsletter.

Are you in?

If you want help crafting your purpose, direction and purpose-statement, you can read this free mini-guide:

Movement Brand Purpose Statement Finder


Who is Alex Mathers?

I’ve built an online audience of over 165,000 readers, am a top writer on Medium, have built several remote businesses, have written 6 books on mindset and marketing, and make over 6-figures as an independent writer, teacher, and coach.

All of this was made possible through being myself online, sharing what I can help with and writing consistently.

I’ve spent over fourteen years running my own businesses, trying to figure things out, experiencing lots of frustration and making many mistakes.

I’ve obsessively learned everything there is to know about making an impact and standing out online.

Now, I want to show you how to build your own unique brand, and coaching business, avoiding many of my failures.

Main areas I help with:

  • Positioning

  • Self-confidence, motivation and communication

  • Writing impact

  • Headache-free content-distribution

  • Online audience and newsletter growth

Who is the ‘Mastery Den‘ for?

The focus is on solopreneurs and one-person businesses who want to create a six-figure business as a coach and teach their knowledge.

You could be a business owner, a freelancer, an employee, a professional writer, a coach, a teacher, an author, an artist, a YouTuber, a course-creator, or you might be coming out of company employment to build online.

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